Monday, November 17, 2008


You may have noticed that I never put what Ainsley eats for breakfast. That's because she eats pretty much the same thing every day:

(1) cereal -- her favorites are Smart Start Strong Heart maple brown sugar flavor, Honeycombs, and Fruit Loops (I try to buy the reduced sugar kind when I can);

(2) toast w/ dairy- free margarine and sometimes also cinnamon sugar on it (for bread, we usually buy Sara Lee Thick & Hearty Multigrain -- a lot of the Sara Lee kinds are milk- & egg-free); and

(3) a protein of some sort -- usually bacon. She doesn't seem to like breakfast sausage a lot, but I have noticed that a lot of breakfast sausages out there appear safe.

Sometimes we mix things up by giving her Sunbutter or Tofutti imitation cream cheese on a bagel (Sara Lee or Thomas's). She usually drinks vanilla or chocolate soy milk. Rarely, we can convince her to put rice milk in her cereal (I prefer rice milk to soy milk for putting on cereal); most days she eats it without anything on it.

On my really energetic mornings (NOT most mornings), I make pancakes using a recipe in The Vegan Lunchbox ("Eat-Your-Oatmeal Pancakes" made with oat flour) or a recipe in Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Kid-Pleasing Recipes. Occasionally, she will eat waffles instead (there are several varieties of safe waffles on the market; we have Earth's Best organic homestyle -- note: I think they're made in the same facility as milk & eggs, but Ainsley can eat them w/o a problem).

I also like to make "Brinner" (i.e., "breakfast for dinner") every once-in-a while -- usually pancakes, bacon, and something like sweet potato fries with brown sugar on top or hash browns.

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