Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Weekend & Monday

Saturday morning, we attended the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) Walk to Cure Food Allergies. We had a great time and, best of all, we got a ton of free samples and coupons! The Enjoy Life people recognized us from last year, and looked the other way while I pillaged their table :).

For lunch that day, I made Ainsley a Sunbutter & jelly sandwich on multigrain bread (Sara Lee Thick & Hearty). That night, she ate leftover chicken pot pie. For lunch on Sunday, my mom made us chicken tortilla soup (recipe forthcoming), to which we added crushed tortilla chips. Ainsley had her dessert before lunch (bad granny, spoiling Ainsley like that!) -- cotton candy (we buy the prepackaged kind from Kroger).

Dinner was at my in-laws' -- they prepared chicken tenders coated in crushed Fiber One cereal (crush the Fiber One in a bag with a rolling pin; dip tenders in soy milk and coat with cereal & salt & pepper, then bake or pan fry -- note that corn flakes work just as well for this). For sides, we had Pillsbury bread sticks (a lot of Pillsbury breads are safe, including crescent rolls), green beans, lima beans, and Near East brand chicken couscous. For dessert, Ainsley had a Keebler sugar cone (she just wanted the cone, apparently, not any soy ice cream to go in it).

For lunch on Monday, Ainsley had leftovers (chicken tenders, lima beans, & a bread stick) and blueberries. For dinner, we're having leftover tortilla soup.

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