Thursday, November 20, 2008

More menus

On Tuesday, Ainsley had Ian's allergen-free fish sticks and fruit for lunch. Ian's is one of my fun food allergy discoveries; my Whole Foods carries a lot of Ian's allergen-free kid foods, including french bread sticks, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, turkey corn dog bites, and ABC-shaped vegetable or potato fries. For a more complete listing, see here. Note that Ian's also makes food that contains allergens, so be sure that the Ian's product you buy has the "No Wheat! No Gluten! No Casein! No Milk! No Eggs! No Nuts! No Soy!" label on it.

Tuesday night, I made scalloped potatoes with ham chunks, from the Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Kid-Pleasing Recipes cookbook. That dish is amazing because you cannot tell it doesn't have dairy in it!

Wednesday, Ainsley had the Applegate Farms chicken nuggets and fruit for lunch. She had a turkey roll (a slice of turkey wrapped in a crescent roll) and Sunmaid dried apples for dinner.

Thursday, Ainsley had some ham slices, strawberries, Ritz crackers, and 3-ingredient pumpkin bread for lunch.

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