Friday, November 14, 2008

School Stress

For those of you who don't know, Ainsley goes to a terrific preschool that is very allergy-conscious. They do not allow peanuts or tree nuts, or anything made in the same facility with those allergens, to be brought into the school. There are "nut-free zone" signs everywhere, and parents are constantly reminded about the requirements. They train all their teachers on the signs of an allergic reaction and how to use epipens. It is really heaven for a food-allergic family.

Still, wherever there is food, there are stresses for a food-allergic parent. My main source of stress is keeping up with when there will be party food or food for classroom projects, and making sure it's safe (since Ainsley is also allergic to milk & eggs). I have been dealing with this lately because the school Thanksgiving party is coming up soon (all five classes of the 3-year-olds at the school are eating together), and her class has been assigned to make pumpkin bread. I gave the teachers the recipe for 3-ingredient pumpkin bread (see below), so they will use that to make the bread. I or the other food-allergy mom in the room will be buying most of the ingredients to make sure they are safe. But then we also have to show up for the actual party and bring our own food for Ainsley to the party because we can't ensure that what the other classes are making is safe.

Thankfully, as I mentioned above, there is another food-allergic child (allergic to eggs) in the same classroom as Ainsley and I can split some of these tasks with his mom. It is so wonderful that the school put the two of them together in the same class. Having a partner in this makes coordinating these activities a lot easier.

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