Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whew! 2 Down, 6 to Go

I'm talking about the top 8 allergens, of course. A few days ago, Leighton had her first Ritz cracker, which contains soy and wheat. She had no reaction! She has since had a lot more of the crackers, plus some Gerber puffs and apple cinnamon wagon wheels (all of which contain wheat), and has not had a problem. I am so relieved. My biggest fear was that she would be allergic to soy and wheat, because those are two foods Ainsley eats a lot (practically all of our dairy substitutes contain soy, and a lot of her snacks are wheat-based).

Because of Ainsley's allergies, I am so cautious about what I give to Leighton. I am so afraid she'll have an allergic reaction to something. Just the other day, I was eating a piece of Kraft American cheese (real cheese -- the only dairy-containing item we usually keep in the house) and was holding Leighton at the same time. She looked at it curiously, and for a moment, I thought, "Why don't I just give her a little?" But I was too scared, so I didn't. I am trying to hold off on introducing any dairy to her until she's a year old and we take her to our allergist for skin testing. Thankfully, I usually have Ainsley's Benadryl and Epi-Pen around (I carry a set in my purse), so if Leighton does accidentally ingest something and have a reaction, I can treat her.

At these times, I really envy my friends who aren't scared to feed their second, third, etc. babies new foods. I wish I could do that. But I've been burned before, so we're taking baby steps this time (pun intended!).

On a last note, Leighton is progressing at light speed ... she has been crawling for about a month, and is now pulling up a lot. The other day, she stood up at school totally on her own, not holding on to anything. The teachers think she could walk fairly soon. Ainsley did not crawl until 9 1/2 months and did not walk until 15 months, so this is a new world for us! We have already decided that we cannot have a regular Christmas tree this year; Leighton will surely try to eat all of the ornaments and pull the tree down on herself. So, we are going to buy a (real) 4-ft-tall one and put it on a table in our living room (where we traditionally put our Christmas trees).

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E-Dawg said...

Thanks for your blog! My 2.5 year old has the exact same allergies as your daughter and your blog has inspired me to try new things in the kitchen! I also have a baby, 5 months, and have been so nervous about introducing food. So far he is exclusively breast fed but solids are around the corner. He had some allergy testing done because of slow weight gain and thankfully everything was negative! I hope you will find the same with your little one.
Thanks for sharing!