Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun food allergy finds - rice cheese & Cherrybrook mini-cookies

We went shopping at Whole Foods today. I try to go at least once a month. I don't go much more often than that because I always spend wayyyyy more money than I expect to. But, whenever I go, I have such a fun time walking down each aisle looking for any new products we might want to try, and I always seem to find at least a couple of new things.

This time I found two. The first is vegan rice cheese made by Galazy Nutritional Foods, the same company that makes the "Vegan" label soy slices. I had seen rice cheese before, of course, but it had casein (milk protein) in it so I never bought any. The package advertises this rice cheese as "new" so I'm assuming the company just recently made the rice cheese vegan. I got the cheddar flavor because that's the only flavor WF had. I am excited to try it - we are always looking for a better cheese substitute.

The other exciting find was boxes of Cherrybook Kitchen mini-cookies. I am familiar with the Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes, which are allergen-free, but have never seen the mini-cookies before (this is not a mix; it's boxes of actual cookies). WF had snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and fudge brownie flavors; we snagged a box of the brownie cookies.

The only downsides to these cookies is that (a) a box costs $3.99 and (b) the allergen warning says that the cookies "share equipment with products containing dairy and egg" but that "we have strict manufacturing and cleaning protocols and test for the presence of peanuts, dairy, and eggs." The fact that Cherrybrook markets specifically to those suffering from food allergies and has implemented strict protocols for the factory gave me enough assurance to buy a box for Ainsley (also, she has never really had a reaction to milk and egg when they have been baked in something like a cake or cookies).

We haven't tasted either yet but will post the results when we do.

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