Thursday, April 23, 2009

Occupational therapy evaluation

Not a lot to report. I filled out a ton of paperwork and questionnaires while Ainsley was in the back of the office with one of the occupational therapists. Ainsley won't tell me what they did (she is this way with preschool too - very tight-lipped, and it drives me crazy!). I scheduled a follow-up appointment with the therapist for two weeks from today so we can discuss the results of the evaluation. My sister-in-law, who is an elementary school counselor, will be going with me to the appointment. She knows more about these types of issues than I do so her presence and questions will be invaluable.


Anonymous said...

A great book to read on this topic is The out of Sync Child.

Grady Family said...


Armando also has SID. His school just loaned us the training videos that go to the Out of sync child book. I have to give them back on March 6th. Would you like to watch them with us, or borrow them? It is only 2hrs-it is on vhs though. We like the book Unlocking the Mysteries of Sensory Disfunction, it is by Elizabeth Anderson.Let us know how you like your occupational therapist. We are looking for one. Good luck!