Monday, August 10, 2009

Ainsley's allergy numbers - good news!

I finally heard from Ainsley's allergist today about the results from her annual blood test. First, he said her # to almonds is 0 and her # to coconut is really low so he feels comfortable with me introducing those foods in tiny amounts to see if she has a reaction to them. He didn't even think I needed to come into his office to do it. I think I'm going to buy some almond milk and coconut milk and rub them on her skin and, if that doesn't produce a reaction, let her have the tiniest taste of them to see if she tolerates them. I am nervous but excited!

Other good news: her egg and milk numbers went down by a lot! Here's the breakdown of her numbers to these over the last three years:

Egg: 2007 - 34; 2008 - 22; 2009 - 14!

Milk: 2007 - 14; 2008 - 12; 2009 - 6.6!

In other words, her egg and milk numbers are going in the right direction. This gives me hope that she might actually outgrow both on her own in the next several years.

Other numbers ... her peanut number went down only slightly (from a 7 in 2008 to a 6 in 2009, but that's still good) and her numbers to all of the tree nuts except almonds were still very high (they are all around 50 - yikes). She also still has a "slightly elevated" number to sesame seeds.

All in all, good news. I am especially encouraged by the egg and milk numbers. How great would it be if she were only allergic to peanuts and tree nuts!


hannah lyn said...

I have been thinking about this all day, Leigha - I am just so excited and happy for you guys. :)

Mamma Sarah said...

That's super news!!

Anne said...

Thanks for posting your daughter's numbers - my son has similar allergies to it helps me to compare how he's doing.

Also, I never thought to do an at-home challenge on the skin... I might have to try that with milk, as the allergist thinks he is possibly not allergic to it (a relatively low number -9- on the blood test, negative on skin test, he said the blood test numbers are likely elevated b/c of his eczema), but we haven't done a food challenge yet.