Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy birthday to me ...

Today is my 33rd birthday. After much chiding from me about how he never bakes anything, Dave agreed to try to bake me a birthday cake. Of course, Ainsley assisted him - she knows her way around the kitchen amazingly well for a 4-year-old and I trusted that she'd be able to help him find the right ingredients in our shelves and prepare the cake correctly.

Much to my delight, after I woke up from sleeping in this morning (my first present from Dave!), I found a chocolate cake baking in the oven for me. I had chosen the recipe myself because I knew it was the easiest birthday-type cake he could make - it was the Upside Down Fudge Cake from the Kid-Pleasing Cookbook. It requires very few ingredients and makes it own fudgey icing on the bottom of the cake pan, so that it looks like an iced cake when you turn it over onto a cake plate.

Here is my beautiful cake after Dave turned it over onto the plate and I smoothed the icing with a knife and Ainsley and I added some sprinkles and a candle (no, it was not my 1st birthday; the only birthday candle we had in the house was the one I had saved from Leighton's party!):
And here is my beautiful family, with whom I felt so lucky to be celebrating this birthday:


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Cake looks good.


Polly said...

I stumbled across your blog the other day and I have so enjoyed reading it and have already tried a few of your recipes. My son, Jake, is 7 and is allergic to milk, eggs, and all nuts. What a journey we have been on! I truly believe that we are all healthier because of Jake's allergies though. I am to a point in this journey that I consider it a blessing. I didn't think that I would ever be able to say that. Thank you for the blog! It has been so encouraging to me. I will put your daughter on my "allergy prayer list"!
Polly Harrell

Mamma Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!! :-) Mmmm that cakes looks tasty!