Monday, February 1, 2010

Little girls and tea parties

I've mentioned before that I rarely take Ainsley to birthday parties - it's a lot of trouble for me because I have to bring all of her food and it's usually a bittersweet experience for her because, although she loves most of the usual party festivities, she gets sad that she can't eat the party food, especially the beautifully-decorated cake.

But this weekend one of her best friends is having a party so we're going. It's a tea party - the third one we've been to in the last year. If Ainsley didn't have allergies, tea parties would be great: little girls in princess dresses sipping tea and eating little sandwiches - is anything cuter? But the problem for us is that these parties revolve around food, much more so than a normal birthday party.

Thankfully, the moms who've organized these have been wonderful about sending me the menu beforehand and asking about safe ingredients. I try to bring a safe version of everything they're having. Last time I had to make iced blueberry scones because that was one of the menu items. It's a lot of work, but obviously worth it to see Ainsley having fun with her friends. So if, like me, you're the mom of a little girl who is attending lots of tea parties these days, I empathize with you!

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