Friday, July 16, 2010

New recommendation on whether to get a flu shot if you're egg-allergic

Food Allergy Initiative just issued this statement recommending that egg-allergic individuals talk to their allergists about getting the regular and H1N1 flu vaccines this Fall. Apparently the current versions of the flu vaccines contain little to no egg protein and are safe for many egg-allergic individuals.

For the last two years, Ainsley has gotten the flu shot (this year she got the regular & H1N1). we go to her allergist's office and he does a skin test with the vaccine to make sure she doesn't react, then injects her with it. Given that both of my kids are highly susceptible to respiratory viruses (we've had a nebulizer in the house since Ainsley was itty bitty), I make sure they're vaccinated every year.

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Col said...

This is fantastic news. My son is allergic to eggs and had a very mild "knot" of swelling when he got his one and only flu shot, as an infant. It just makes so much sense to give him the vaccine, considering he also has asthma. I'm going to push his doctors on this. Thank you.