Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting ready for Kindergarten!

Just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that allergy planning for Ainsley's first day of Kindergarten is well under way. She starts on Monday, 8/23, so right now I'm busy finalizing a letter to the parents of kids in her class complete with a safe snack list, confirming with the nurse how many Epi-Pens/how much Benadryl I need to bring to school, thinking about what sort of safe snacks I will buy to stock in Ainsley's classroom in case the class snack isn't safe for her, etc. We will have our second 504 meeting to finalize the plan this week (not sure when yet). I feel so much calmer about this than I thought I would. I think it's because Ainsley really is ready for Kindergarten, and is mature enough to take on some responsibility for keeping herself safe. I am very excited about how she'll like Kindergarten and about all of the new friends she'll make!


Kate said...

Hi! I am just wondering what you ask of the other parents. My daughter has multiple allergies and is starting preschool soon. I feel like it's reasonable for everyone to keep nuts away, because that is more commonplace. But for some reason I feel like I cannot ask them to keep out sesame, fish, shellfish, etc. Not that preschoolers are bringing in a lot of fish snacks typically!

Leigha said...

Hi Kate,

I think whether to ask preschool classmates not to bring certain foods depends on the severity of your child's allergy to those things and, as you mention, how common those foods are. I was not worried that exposure to a minute amount of milk or egg (such as getting a tad on her fingertips and ingesting it) would cause Ainsley to have a life-threatening reaction, so I didn't worry about those foods as much as I did the peanuts/tree nuts. But milk and egg are also really common foods so I knew I couldn't ask parents not to bring them anyway. Your situation is different, however, because, as you point out, kids don't really eat a lot of fish/shellfish/sesame products. I think it would definitely be okay to ask her classmates not to bring foods containing those items if there's the slightest chance that her contact with those foods would cause a very serious reaction. Good luck!