Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't forget the easy stuff

Two or three weeks to go now before baby #3 arrives, so predictably I've been lazy with posting in the last couple of months.  I have been lazy with a lot of things.  Or maybe just busy and tired.  In any case, I hope to get back to posting more regularly after the first few months of new-baby haze have worn off.

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you something simple that I frequently have to remind myself - not all things related to preparing food-allergy friendly desserts need to involve ovens, from-scratch mixes, or hours in the kitchen.  Just this week Ainsley proclaimed a new favorite dessert, one that takes approximately 30 seconds to make - the Root Beer Float.  It started when we were on a short Spring Break vacation this weekend and stopped at a snow cone stand.  This is another easy, no-bake dessert my kids love - snow cones.  I have a little shaved ice machine at home (bought for about $25 at Target) so I have frequently made snow cones for them at home, but there is, of course, nothing quite like walking up to a little shack and ordering one.  I have also found snow cones to be one of the few things that are almost always Ainsley-friendly, as long as she stays away from the flavors that have added cream. 

So anyway, at this snow cone stand, Ainsley ordered an orange, Leighton asked for strawberry, and I got my favorite, cherry.  My husband, however, is not a fan of snow cones, so he opted instead for a root beer float (the stand also sold ice cream).  Ainsley was intrigued - she had never heard of this concoction before.  She watched closely as Dave poured the root beer over the ice cream and went about consuming the treat, and wasted no time in asking if I could make her one sometime. 

So the next day we went to a grocery store that sold coconut-milk ice cream (soy or any other kind of nondairy ice cream would have worked fine too, of course) and I bought a pint of vanilla plus a 2-liter of A&W.  A minute after getting back to our hotel room, I prepared two floats for my two little dolls and watched as they gulped them down eagerly.  Ainsley had one more after that, and then another for dessert that night.  I thought she might not like the taste of root beer - boy, was I wrong.   

So with summer approaching, you might just want to pull this one out of your bag of tricks to the amazement and delight of your kids.  And don't forget the snow cones either.

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