Friday, August 26, 2011

Took a long maternity leave from the blog, but I'm back!

So this is what has been occupying my time the past few months ...
He was born in April and his name is Thomas Patrick, Tom for short. He is four and a half months old now and the light of our family. We adore him and, best of all, the girls think he is the best - they play with him constantly and he thinks they are quite entertaining.

I had a lazy summer, taking care of Tom and playing/swimming/reading/lounging with the girls. Now I'm back to reality - back at work and the older two back in school - and my mind inevitably shifted back to food-allergy issues because Ainsley has a new teacher, new classmates, etc. So this is what I've been doing in the food-allergy realm as of late that I've really enjoyed:
-went to two events sponsored by the new Food Allergy Center at Children's Medical Center, including a panel on food allergies and schools and a food-allergy cooking demonstration at a local Whole Foods.
-organized an informal dinner with other food-allergy moms, some of whom I knew and some of whom I didn't. Seven moms showed up! It was a wonderful time of sharing, commiserating, and bonding, and was so easy to plan.
-met with Ainsley's new teachers (her school combines grades 1 & 2 so she has two teachers) about her allergies, and am about to meet with the principal, counselor, nurse, and teachers at an official 504 meeting.

Ainsley is one week into school and so far everything is going well. The only changes from last year are (1) unlike kindergarten, first and second grade doesn't have snack time (HOORAY!!!), and (2) she is now carrying an epipen and Benadryl in a small shoulder bag/purse instead of the teacher carrying it (we also have epipens and Benadryl in the nurse's office). With each year, she has gotten so much more mature when it comes to taking responsibility for her own safety. So far she's been great about keeping up with the purse and she is very careful about what she eats and understands not to eat anything I don't okay. It is such a difference from the preschool years (especially 3 and under).

I hope to begin posting more often now that I'm back on a normal schedule. I missed this blog and connecting with other food-allergy parents.