Thursday, September 30, 2010

First elementary school fundraiser: selling cookie dough that contains nearly all of Ainsley's allergens

Our school didn't waste much time in rolling out the first fundraiser of the year: selling preportioned trays of cookie dough. Surprisingly, Ainsley was ecstatic about the idea of selling something to benefit her school and couldn't stop talking about it or asking me when we could go out and sell some to our neighbors. She even told me, "Mommy, it's okay if you buy some even though I can't eat it - I won't be upset."

So far she's sweet-talked my mother into buying some even though my mother never eats cookies except when she makes them for her granddaughters (my two girls), and thus has no use for cookie dough that Ainsley can't have. She also got our babysitter to buy a few packs. Despite her pleading, I am not going to buy any - I just can't imagine having cookie dough around that she can't have.

I am very happy she's taking this so well and is excited about it rather than sad she can't have the dough. This will make it easier when we have to sell girl scout cookies in a few years, I guess.

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