Monday, December 27, 2010

My favorite Christmas present this year

The Divvies Bakery Cookbook! You would think that with all of these allergy-friendly baking books I have, I wouldn't need another one. Yet the Divvies one has several recipes that I don't already have. One thing I love about the book is that it includes some simple snack and drink ideas, and also fun party activities that involve food (like make-your-own sundaes using lots of safe mix-ins). I cannot wait to make the chocolate marshmallow treats, which involve melting chocolate chips, mixing mini-mashmallows in, and then putting spoonfuls in paper baking (cupcake) liners to set - how easy is that!

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Jennifer said...

Love all your tips on Kroger brand dairy free items. Wondered if you saw they recalled Kroger chocolate chips because they can have dairy? It was printed on my last receipt, which I just happened to read that day. HTH! I would still love your thoughts about Disney. I know it was some time ago you went,, but was it really all that for dealing with food allergies.