Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Occupational therapy evaluation on Friday

Not much has happened on the sensory-issues front since I last posted. I ended up finding an occupational therapist who specializes in sensory issues AND takes my insurance (yay!) and we have an hour-and-a-half evaluation scheduled for Friday. After that, she will write up a report and we'll meet back with her on a later date to discuss the results.

I'm nervous about this but have been feeling progressively better about it all since my meeting with the preschool director. I have been watching Ainsley much closer in the last week or so and have reached my own informal, completely uneducated conclusion that (a) she does seem to have more difficulty with motor skills, gross and fine, than the average kid but (b) otherwise, her behavior seems pretty normal, and well above-average in certain areas, so I really shouldn't be too concerned that these issues, if present, would, say, cause her to be a high-school drop out a decade from now even if we were not to put her in occupational therapy. But, as one of my close friends said, I will nonetheless throw myself full-force into the sensory-issues/occupational therapy arena because I am a Type A mom and Type A moms are used to putting forth a gallon of effort if only to effect a teaspoon of change. So here's to the teaspoon.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the evaluation!!!! Great that you found and OT with a sensory background. It is amazing what OT therapy can do for kids. I have a daughter, 6ys. (Nut/Peanut allergies - that's what led me to your blog). In additional, she has development delays, sensory issues(gross, fine), speech/language. to sum up - we started speech therapy (through EI) first when she was two - within 5 minutes of our first speech therapy, the ST said your daughter needs to be OT/Sensory gym, get her an eval and start asap. About a couple of months later we started with the OT and it did amazing things, gave her that extra push and regulated her and today she is doing just great in Kindergarten. Last year when she was five we started doing the handwriting without tears program, there's also therapeutic listening which helped alot.

All the best,