Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - 6 thumbs up

This afternoon Dave and I finally got to take Ainsley to see this movie, after Dave's parents graciously agreed to watch Leighton, who, at 19 months, cannot be expected to sit through anything longer than 5 minutes. Ainsley had begged for weeks to see the movie, so we were glad to have a couple of hours to be able to do that. Ainsley loves movies - she memorizes the trailors she sees on TV and then asks in very specific terms to see whatever movie was advertised (as in, "Mommy, I saw this movie called Planet 51, and it's about an astronaut who goes to another planet and all of the aliens call him an alien! It's coming to theaters on [fill in date].").

So anyway, we saw the movie and it fully captivated us the entire time. It was equally entertaining to kids and parents and wasn't scary at all to Ainsley (although I must say that she's pretty tough and rarely gets scared in movies).

The best thing about the movie (to me, anyway) was that the main female character, a "weather girl" named Sam, had a severe peanut allergy, a fact you learn relatively early in the film. Later, the allergy becomes part of the story line, when Sam comes into contact with some peanut brittle and suffers an allergic reaction that requires an epi-pen. The reaction part was done in such a way that it wasn't scary or traumatic, just matter-of-fact.

I loved Sam and her allergy because (a) it allowed Ainsley to connect with a character who has the same challenges that she does, and (b) it reinforced that having allergies is just one aspect of a person. Indeed, Sam is a fully developed character, and her peanut allergy is only a small part of who she is (in other words, you wouldn't walk out of the theater thinking that Sam was "that food allergy girl"). I really appreciated that.

So, for all of you food allergy parents who haven't yet seen the movie with your (4 yrs +) kids, I highly recommend it. You better believe that Ainsley will be getting a DVD of this movie whenever it comes out.

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