Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bathing in almonds

So Ainsley loves almond milk, and she has also started eating honey-nut cheerios (made with just almonds) without a problem! What a new world for us - now I can say my daughter is allergic to "most tree nuts" instead of "all tree nuts." The problem, of course, is acquiring almond products that haven't been processed with other nuts. All of the almonds I've seen in stores have a warning that they were processed with other nuts. Thankfully, however, I found an online almond supplier that ships directly from the farm and guarantees that its almonds have not mixed with any other nuts. I just ordered a 5-lb bag of almonds and a 5-lb bag of almond meal - I am so excited to start cooking with these things!

I also ordered a 3-jar supply of Barney Butter (almond butter made in a nut-free facility) from Amazon. I found that Amazon deeply discounts this product if you sign up to have it shipped to you on a regular basis. I signed up for an every-two-month supply of 3 jars and it reduced the price from $23.08 + shipping to $19 with no shipping cost.

Unfortunately, we received the results of Ainsley's allergy tests and they showed that her numbers to all of the other allergens are about the same. The allergist did give me the green light to incorporate very tiny amounts of milk and/or egg into baked goods, however, to see if Ainsley can tolerate it (a long time ago she used to eat things with egg and milk baked in so I'm not worried about a severe allergic reaction with this sort of thing). He feels that now that she is 5 and can tell me quickly if her mouth is feeling itchy or she otherwise feels funny that it is an appropriate time to see if we can incorporate some of this food into her diet in a way that is unlikely to cause a serious allergic reaction. It is going to be so weird to start cooking with those things again!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is great. I love to hear stories like this. It gives me hope for the future. We are going to a new allergist next week.


Anonymous said...

It would be weird to cook with reg stuff again - hope you can relax and enjoy doing it. It has been too long.