Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Easter candy molds

I just ordered several different types of chocolate bunny molds from this site. I picked out a large bunny mold, some bite-sized bunny molds, and some chocolate lollipop bunny-head molds. I am so excited to get them (you know you are a mom when things like this excite you). I will show you the finished products soon. Ainsley has been begging for a chocolate Easter bunny and I am so happy she will get one this year!

To make the chocolate, I usually use the recipe from the Kid-Pleasing Cookbook (see sidebar), which includes melting baking chocolate and mixing it with some shortening and powdered sugar (not a difficult recipe at all). However, this time I might be really lazy and just microwave some safe chocolate chips and pour the melted chocolate in the molds.

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