Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Storytime take II

Well, another nut sighting at the library. We went to storytime again today and the same lady brought peanut products for her kids again. This time she gave them peanut butter crackers and trail mix with peanuts and M&Ms to carry around. Like last time, her younger daughter was captivated by Leighton so I had to spend a good part of the program trying to keep the girl from touching the baby or kissing her with her peanut-butter-covered mouth. I was so close to saying something to the mom, but in the end I didn't, because I didn't want to look like the food police.

Then I began to wonder if I was a hypocrite, because I gave Ainsley and Leighton Ritz crackers to eat while we were there. The mother of a child with a serious wheat allergy could understandibly have a problem with that. Now, whenever I give my kids anything that has any allergen in it, I try to make sure they don't drop crumbs everywhere or get it all over some other kid, but it's not like I don't feed them any allergen-containing food in these types of public places. Maybe I should stop. I could always make sure to bring something like Enjoy Life bars that don't contain any of the top 8 allergens. I think I'm going to resolve to do this, because, knowing what I do about food allergies, I don't ever want to make another family feel uncomfortable or unsafe based on what my kids are eating.

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