Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy single mom

I have been feeling like a single mom for the last few days because Dave has been buried with work. I don't know how other moms manage to take care of everything on their own for more than a few days. I am so ready for him to be done and be available to help out again.

Anyway, Ainsley and I have had a lot of leftovers lately. Monday, we ate leftovers from Sunday's lunch and dinner. Tuesday, we grabbed Wendy's for lunch (she is addicted to those kids' crispy chicken sandwiches!) and I made turkey meatballs (recipe in a previous post) with a side of carrots for dinner. I threw a bunch of veggies into the meatballs -- green peppers, onions, carrots (matchstick carrots that I cut up into tiny pieces), plus tomato paste. They were yummy and we had a lot for leftovers, which we ate for lunch and dinner today along with strawberries.

After dinner tonight, we made rice crispy treats using dairy-free margarine (Earth Balance) and egg-free marshmallows (Kraft Jet-Puffed). We decorated them with chocolate chips (Enjoy Life) and sprinkles. Ainsley loves to help me make things like this. She calls herself the "Head Taster" and my "Little Helper."

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