Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What else to do on a cold, rainy day but cook

Today has been yucky weather-wise. We only went out once, to Ainsley's ballet lesson. The rest of the time, Ainsley and I made yummy food! First, we started some challah bread. While it was rising, we made various chocolate treats. The basic chocolate recipe is from the Kid-Pleasing Cookbook, and involves baking chocolate, shortening, and powdered sugar all mixed together. We then spooned the chocolate into various molds. A while back, I bought a mold that allows you to make a chocolate-covered Oreo with an animal face on one side, so we put that to work. I had also bought a heart-shaped mold, so we made a batch of valentine chocolates and put different-colored sprinkles on top of them. Last, I crushed up some Oreos and mixed the crumbs with the remaining chocolate, rolled the mixture into little balls, and then rolled the balls in powdered sugar to make Oreo truffles. All of the treats came out pretty well, I must say. In the past, I have also used the chocolate to make chocolate-dipped ice cream cones (complete with sprinkles) and chocolate-dipped marshmallows (so good!).

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