Friday, January 2, 2009

The chocolate problem

As the mom of a kid allergic to (among other things) dairy & peanuts/tree nuts, one of the hardest things for me to find is chocolate that does not contain any of these things (or traces of any of them). Even plain M&Ms are out, because they contain dairy and also have a warning that they may contain peanuts. Let me tell you, one of the hardest things about having a food-allergic kid is telling them they can't have a staple candy like M&Ms. M&Ms are so pervasive in our culture that, even though Ainsley has never eaten one, she recognizes the characters on the TV commercials (she actually loves those animated M&Ms ... one time she even told me she wished there was a movie about them).

A long time ago, my mom discovered a dairy-free, peanut/tree-nut-free M&M-type candy made in England called Whizzers. She ordered a bag and I can confirm that they do taste almost exactly like M&Ms. They look the same too, except that Whizzers are made without artificial colors so they are paler than their M&M counterparts. The only problem is that Whizzers are expensive -- it costs over $2 for a small bag of them. The cost is really more like $3 when you factor in shipping (they are not available at Whole Foods and must be ordered online).

Anyway, today I decided to use a bit of Ainsley's Christmas money to buy her a bunch of them. I figured we could do a lot of fun baking projects with them, like making sugar cookies using them as decoration. I was happy to see that Whizzers has, since I last looked at them, come out with other chocolate treats, like tiny Easter eggs and foil-wrapped soccer balls. I ordered some of all of these.

Of course, for a plain old candy bar, the Enjoy Life bars are our staple. Still, sometimes it's nice to have a variety of chocolate in the house, especially since Ainsley seems to love chocolate as much as I do!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Divvies' BingGo! chocolate bars? They are absolutely amazing. Tons better than Enjoy Life's...Check them out!

Leigha said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I have heard of Divvies but have never tried any of their products. I will have to bite the bullet and order some!