Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Longggg Dayyyy

The kids were still sick today so we didn't do anything major, just a lot of little things (including lots of baking). We went to Whole Foods, made a few valentines, hunted a lion (aka our housecat) in the backyard, planted apple seeds in one of the backyard pots, and made some bread and chocolate chip cookies. The bread is the challah bread recipe -- the family is hooked on the bread and I enjoy making it so for the time being I think I'm going to try to make a couple of loaves every week. The cookie recipe was from the Kid-Pleasing Cookbook. Interesting note about the chocolate chips -- when we went to WF to get some more bags of the Enjoy Life chips, I found that our WF no longer stocks the EL chips and instead just sells its own brand of vegan chocolate chips. I looked on the allergy label and the only warning was that it was manufactured in the same facility as dairy but that good manufacturing practices were used to segregate the dairy. I went ahead and bought a few bags because Ainsley has never had a reaction to a product that was made in the same facility as dairy products (the product has to have a pretty concentrated amount of dairy in it for her to react), and sure enough, she ate a couple and was fine. Still, I wish the WF still stocked the EL chips -- I will probably ask the store to restock them.

Since Ainsley was sick, I allowed her to eat two So Delicious Dairy-Free Popsicles (Rasberry Cream flavored) for lunch and made her oatmeal with diced strawberries for dinner. Strangely, for her morning snack, she had a hankering for apples and ended up eating two entire (all except the core) green apples -- she likes apples, but I've never seen her eat that much apple at one time before (this is where we got the apple seeds to plant in the backyard). She also drank lots of my Westsoy Chocolate Peppermint Stick soy milk (notice how I call it "my" ... I am very possessive of the remaining cartons of that soymilk!).

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