Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's candy

So here we are again ... another holiday, another group of candy we have to sort in terms of what Ainsley can eat and what she can't. So far, her favorite is the heart-shaped Peeps we found at our drug store. We also found Skittles that come in a cute plastic (red) heart. As for the chalky conversation hearts ("Be Mine," etc.) that are so popular this time of year, I bought her some made by Brach's because the box didn't contain a warning that it was manufactured with any allergens (I know this means it still could be, but I guess I was feeling a little less cautious that day). She ate 1/2 of the box without a reaction.

She is also eating away at the supply of chocolates we made last week, which include chocolate hearts with pastel sprinkles.

This reminds me -- it is time to start thinking about Easter candy. Ainsley really, really wanted a chocolate bunny last year, so I am going to make some for her this year using a bunny mold like this one. See more here. I also ordered her these chocolate eggs made by Whizzers.

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