Monday, December 29, 2008

Flu shots

I have to admit, I have not been as diligent as I should have in making sure my family is flu-safe this winter. My office gives out flu shots for free, but somehow I managed to miss getting one. And I was hesitant to give Ainsley or Leighton one because the vaccine is made from eggs (even the Flu Mist). Ainsley had flu shots her first two years without a problem, but after we discovered she was seriously allergic to egg two years ago, we stopped giving them to her.

After our awful hospital experience with Leighton, though, we are determined not to end up back there for the flu this season. So I made an appointment with our allergist to take both of them in next week. He will skin-test them with the flu vaccine. If they have no reaction to it on their skin, he will give them the shot. I will also get a shot there. Normally I am pretty paranoid about vaccines (with Ainsley when she was a baby, I insisted that the pediatrician's office give her a mercury-free shot, and only one instead of the recommended two), but after our recent experience, I am more paranoid about having a child in the hospital with breathing difficulties due to the flu. Last year, when we did not give Ainsley the shot, I took her to the pediatrician practically every time she coughed because I was afraid she had the flu (she has asthma that is triggered by respiratory infections, so if she got the flu, it would be very bad breathing-wise). I don't want to have to worry like that this year.

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