Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still at the Hospital

It is Thurs. night and we have had such an up-and-down day. Earlier today, we were so happy because Leighton appeared to be in better spirits than she was before and we were able to completely wean her off the supplemental oxygen. But then, tonight, we have had a setback -- she is running a fever. She has not had a fever since Sunday. It is apparently some sort of secondary infection. I am praying it is something minor like an ear infection. The nurse is alerting the doctor and I'm sure they will be running blood tests and doing exams soon to try and determine what is causing this. We are very upset, as we were hoping Leighton was almost recovered and that we could go home tomorrow or Saturday. I will update when we know more.

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Brekken Family said...

I'm sorry she has an infection but I'm glad it was while you were still in the hospital so it can be diagnosed and treated quickly. Hang in there!