Monday, November 24, 2008

Ainsley's 4th Birthday Party!

So Saturday we celebrated Ainsley's birthday at Slappy's Puppet Playhouse. It was a blast. We watched a marionette performance of Jack and the Beanstalk and then went to one of the party rooms for chicken nuggets, fruit salad, soy ice cream, and cake. I made the chicken nuggets that morning using the recipe from Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Kid-Pleasing Recipes (except that recipe calls for a coating of Ritz crackers and I used Keebler Club Cracker Puffs). The cake started out rather badly but ended well. I attempted to do a Tinkerbell doll cake like this one; I even spent $20 on a special doll skirt baking pan. I tried two different cake mixes -- the first was a Duncan Hines yellow cake mix (using Ener-G egg replacer instead of the 3 eggs required for the mix); the second was a from-scratch mix using the recipe from Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Kid-Pleasing Recipes. The first mix fell apart after I baked it and removed it from the pan. The second mix burned on the outside and was still liquidy on the inside.

Thankfully, I also baked a very large round cake that I had intended to be the base for the doll skirt. Instead, it turned out to be the entire birthday cake. I frosted it with Pillsbury cream cheese frosting, which, as I have noted, is actually dairy-free, and decorated it with Pillsbury strawberry frosting and pink glitter sprinkles. I did the icing decorations (including the shell piping on the sides) using a really cheap icing decorating set I bought for almost nothing at the store. Then I stuck a Tinkerbell candle and some little Tinkerbell flower decorations (purchased at SuperTarget a long time ago) on it.

I am very happy with the way the cake turned out. I got a ton of compliments on it at the party. People seemed shocked that I had decorated it myself.

I am especially proud of how well the lettering turned out. In a previous post, I described the "pin-prick" method. I tried it and it failed miserably. When I put the wax paper on the cake to imprint the letters on the icing, the wax paper stuck to the icing, and pulled most of the icing up when I took the wax paper off. After I smoothed the icing back down (and stopped cursing), I did the letters freehand, and they actually turned out rather well.


Bethany S. said...

I can't believe Pillsbury cream cheese frosting is dairy-free! I looked at some of the their other flavors, and it appears that their Milk Chocolate does not have any dairy either. Weird!

My kids have several FAs too (dairy, egg, peanut, and others). My favorite (and very easy) way to make a cake is to use a box of safe cake mix (like the Duncan Hines yellow) and mix it with a can (12 oz.) of pop (I usually use Sprite), in place of the eggs, water, and oil the box calls for. (This is actually a Weight Watchers recipe, when used with diet soda pop.) I sometimes add a couple Tbs of veg. oil to help hold it together, but it comes out great!

benilhalk said...

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