Monday, November 10, 2008

Safe Fast Food

Every once in a while, I look at the ingredient/allergen menus for fast-food chains and try to determine what would be safe for Ainsley. My most recent review turned up these foods that it appears Ainsley can eat:

McDonald's: happy meal with hamburger (she only likes ketchup & pickles, so that's what we get on it), apple dippers (without the caramel sauce), and apple juice. Stunningly, the website indicates that McDonald's fries have milk in them, so we have never let her eat those. She can also have the Chicken Selects, but not the chicken nuggets.

Wendy's: kid's meal with hamburger (again, just ketchup & pickles) and the mandarin oranges or the fries (thankfully, these do not have milk in them!). Unfortunately, Wendy's does not have a kid's drink choice that she can have (it does not offer juice -- only milk or soda), so we must order water for her ... not that we have anything against water! We love water in our house! She can also have the kid's crispy chicken sandwich (without mayo, of course).

Burger King: kid's meal with the "chicken fries" (I haven't been to BK in ages so I have no idea what these are ... they sound a little strange) and the potato fries.

Arby's: kid's meal with the roast beef sandwich (without the bun) and curly fries.

KFC: pieces of extra crispy chicken, dipping wings (w/o sauce), green beans, &/or potato wedges.

Sonic: This is so weird ... I thought I had checked their ingredient list/menu a while back and found the hamburger and fries/tator tots to be safe. However, when I just tried to recheck it, the site had no ingredient information. Instead, it had a warning that basically advises people with food allergies not to eat anything there. For a long time, I've been feeding Ainsley the hamburger & fries/tator tots without a problem, but I'm inclined to stop because we can't guarantee that those things will be safe for her in the future.

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