Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food Desensitization Program

Yesterday I was going through a big bag of stuff we got from the food allergy walk. One item caught my attention -- a two-page handout from a local, very respected allergist who has started conducting a food desensatization program similar to those described here. It is for kids allergic to milk and/or eggs. Basically, it involves administering (under the office's supervision) a very tiny amount of the food (in a solution) to the child and, if the child tolerates it w/o a reaction, gradually increasing the dose over time until the child can tolerate a normal serving of the food.

Before reading this, I had no idea such a program was going on in our area. I called the doctor's office about the possibility of enrolling Ainsley and left a message. She might be too young -- the materials indicated they are looking for school-age children -- but she is so close (4 yrs old) that I thought it was worth a shot.

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Monique said...

I've just done a column on this process in my Allergy News section ( This is a VERY promising treatment approach - especially since food allergies don't have any other effective form of treatment except for avoidance of the allergen. In fact, I believe sublingual immunotherapy is being done by more and more allergists, despite the fact that the major allergy associations are still unsure. It would seem that the results speak for themselves.