Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food Desensitization Program -- FINAL UPDATE

We finally had a chance to talk to our allergist about the program (he is not doing it; it is another allergist's office in town). He talked to the two doctors who are leading the research on this treatment option in the United States, and both of them said it is too early for allergists to start doing this as a treatment option -- not enough is known about the treatment right now, including the long-term effects. So our allergist strongly advised against doing it at this time. He said he would probably start doing it in 3 to 5 years, when the protocol and safety of it are more firmly established and when the researchers think it's ready for clinical use.

We trust our allergist a lot and are going to abide by his recommendation. While we are sad that Ainsley is likely going to have to continue living with her allergies for the next few years (unless she outgrows one or more in the meantime), we do not feel comfortable doing the program at this time. As I said before, we have a good thing going right now in terms of dealing with her allergies, so we are ready to keep on chuggin' on. As I told my husband, the real deadline, in my mind, for curing Ainsley of most of her allergies is around 12 -- I am afraid that, when she becomes a teenager, it will be much harder to control what she eats and she might become careless with it. Since that's about 8 years away, though, it's definitely not something to worry about now!

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